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Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service and support application that helps your customer support team stay happy – without getting crazy about trying to keep up with multiple communication channels. We are a partner agency of Salesforce that helps customers establish and develop Salesforce Service to improve the way your agents manage cases and communicate with your customers.

Our Service Cloud implementation teams recognize each company’s unique needs and processes. We therefore offer a full range of solutions and options tailored to the needs of the company. Rave offers Salesforce’s best innovation enterprise solutions, such as Chatter, contact center, social media, social communities, live agent and analytics, each of which can be tailored to improve and extend functionality.

What we do

Through stakeholder workshops and user groups, we help define your requirements. We then create user travel, UX and wireframes to ensure that your users can do everything they need.

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    Defining Your Solutions

    Once everyone has agreed on the project requirements, we will draw up wish lists of “must haves,” “nice to haves” and “low priority” tasks. Looking at user stories, we then plan a series of sprints, usually six weeks, divided into one – week planning, two weeks on building, another on UAT, and two weeks off. Then we check and repeat.

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    Sprint-based Development

    Now it’s time to plan a controlled deployment. This means unit testing ; realistic time frames ; freezes of content ; and control of set changes. Finally, who are we going to need to train on your team? We’re completely flexible to meet your needs.

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    Deployment and Training

    Nearly there! Now it’s time to plan out the deployment in a controlled way. This means unit testing; realistic timeframes; content freezes; and change set control. Finally, who is it on your team that we’ll need to train? We’re entirely flexible to your needs.

Key Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud Lightning is the most comprehensive customer service platform, including the Lightning Service Console, case management, omni-channel routing, macros and much more. See all the features here:

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    Lightning Service Console

    Increase agent productivity with agent experience in the next generation. Put all the information agents for a 360-degree view of customers at their fingertips.

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    Case Management

    Faster resolution of cases with easy visibility in the full context of all cases and a record of each customer interaction – all on a streamlined dashboard.

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    Workflow and Approvals

    Using Workflow, customize and automate any customer service or approval process with ease of drag and drop.

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    Omni-channel Routing

    Deliver intelligent service by automatically matching cases with the agent with the best solution skills.

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    Telephony Integration

    Integrate with the most popular systems for CTI. When customers call, log notes instantly. In addition, manage calls without touching the phone from within the console.

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    Social Customer Service

    Monitor customer posts on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others more quickly and respond to them.

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    Automation with Macros

    Free your support agents by automating common, repeated, multi – step tasks to more efficiently solve customer problems.

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    Account and Contact Management

    Be prepared when customers reach your company right at their fingertips by arming agents with critical data on past communications.

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    Custom Reports and Dashboards

    Make informed decisions by reporting in real time. Track customer information and cases for a customer’s 360-degree view.

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    Asset and Order Management

    Track assets, orders, history of support and more of customers in one place for a full view of their activities.

Salesforce Service Cloud Edition Comparison







Connect to customers on email, Facebook, Twitter, and your website with a service console designed to give you everything you need to help your customers, on one screen.

Track your customer cases, manage service contracts and entitlements, and leverage the best-in-class Service Console app. Get real-time business insights with customizable reports and dashboards.

Manage complex case requirements & differentiate the agent experience with access to unlimited Service Console apps. Customize Salesforce to your company with custom record types & automate complex business processes and integrate with any system using our API.

Customize Service Cloud Lightning to scale customer service processes and improve productivity. Live Agent Web chat and Salesforce Knowledge to better service your customers. Access to unlimited online training, 24/7 toll-free support, and over 100 admin services.

Collaborate across your company

Some Features

Some Features

Some Features

Some Features

Equip Every Agent with Productivity Tools

Some Features

Some Features

All Features

All Features

Personalize the Service Experience with Digital Engagement

Some Features

Some Features

All Features

All Features

Empower Customers with Self-service Communities

Not Included

Not Included

All Features

All Features

Transform Field Service Operations

Not Included

Some Features

All Features

All Features

Get Real-time Business Insights

Some Features

Some Features

All Features

All Features

Cross-sell and upsell more easily

Some Features

Some Features

All Features

All Features

Connect Service Info to any App

Some Features

All Features

All Features

All Features

Customize and automate processes

Some Features

Some Features

All Features

All Features

Get the most out of Salesforce

Some Features

All Features

All Features

All Features

Key Features of CloudCraze

Built natively on Salesforce platform, CloudCraze provides a robust B2B commerce technology with core capabilities providing flexibility to easily extend functionality, add products and channels, and conduct billions of dollars in transactions anywhere. Loaded with amazing features, it generates online revenue fast, easily scale for growth, and always stay connected to your customers.

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    Shop Anywhere, Anytime

    Built with responsive design for use on any device.

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    Search and Browse Products

    Quickly search products by name, SKU, description or product attributes

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    Product Details

    View product details including product name, price, rating, review, product features, etc.

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    Shopping Cart

    Full-featured cart with wish-lists, quotes, calculated taxes, shipping, order view, payment options, confirmation, and email.

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    Account Management

    Order history and account management with default billing and shipping addresses.

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    Localized currency and multi-lingual support. Support for all 161 currencies and all 64 languages supported by Salesforce

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    Branded Storefronts

    Manage and configure multiple unique storefronts.

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    Built in analytics and reporting functionality that allows you to capture and expose appropriate data to Google Analytics to optimize the information you receive.

CloudCraze Integration

CloudCraze offers easy integrations with multiple payment and shopping cart systems and applications, including:

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Legacy On-Premise VS CloudCraze

Choose a solution with a lower, more flexible total cost of ownership

Legacy On-Premise



  • Delayed deployment to buy/build hardware
  • Extensive work to setup OS, database, disaster recovery
  • High upfront cost to build for uncertain future needs
  • Quick setup on trusted Salesforce multi-tenant architecture
  • Leverages care Salesforce capabilities
  • Easily scales for growth


  • Time: 12-18 months
  • Custom code heavy
  • Delayed revenue
  • Time: as little as 9 weeks
  • Configuration-first, low code
  • Generate revenue quickly

New Functionally – Delivered by Solution

  • 1-3 updates per year
  • Difficult 3-4+ month upgrade project due to heavy custom code
  • Must pay additional 20+% of license for upgrade and patches
  • 6+ releases per year from Salesforce, CloudCraze
  • Upgrade time automatic or a few days
  • No additional subscription cost for new releases

Customer-Specific Functionality

  • Time/cost intensive
  • Delays functionality
  • Delays functionality benefits
  • Quick, agile configuration, low code
  • Benefits realized quickly


  • Expensive technical resources for admin and development
  • Business must pace with tech-heavy development
  • Cost-effective, shared skills for CloudCraze & Salesforce admin
  • Easily pivots with business needs

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Better Performance

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Not Supported in Magento 1.x

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Magento 2 Enterprise

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